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No more RJ45 cords that are too long or too short
And WallPATCH will always stay in place!

(Only for professionals)

A 3P Design innovation for network administrators and installers

What is WallPATCH?

The 10 Gb/s RJ45 patch cord

Integrated in a registered design case, it is fixed near the wall outlets, on the desk side.

Already in place

Installed at the same time as the wall outlets, WallPATCH is already there to connect computers, phones or network devices.

Adjustable for all types of offices

It covers 95% of the length requirements. If you need a longer or shorter patch cord, you just have to  take out or put some WallPATCH back in its case.

A single reference

Optimize your stock and save time! No longer worry about the lengths choices. WallPATCH replaces all the references of your patch cords up to 4m.

Designed for you

WallPATCH makes your life easier: you can install it anywhere, even in very narrow spaces. And it opens quickly by pressing the central button!

Protect the oceans

Compared to conventional RJ45 patch cords, WallPATCH is packed in an ultra compact box, without any plastic bag. By using WallPATCH, you also have the power to save the ocean! 


by emergency, been forced to install a too long patch cord

WallPATCH is already in place and at the correct length

Like you, we already have:

(Only for professionals)

Technical characteristics

WallPATCH was designed for network installers and administrators to meet their needs in office environments, especially on the desk side.

Installed near the RJ45 wall outlets, WallPATCH facilitates the cable management in the offices.


From 0 to 4m/13ft length

From 0 to 4m/13ft length

95 % or your office spaces needs are covered

Shielded or unshielded

Available in U/UTP and U/FTP

Shielded or unshielded



Performance up to 10Gb / s.
Cat 5e and Cat 6 compatible



Compatible with all systems

Guaranteed performance on all cabling systems

Compatible with all systems



Powers your equipment (Phones, cameras, ...) with WallPATCH on 4PPOE networks



A self-adhesive case very easy to install on any type of surface

Tool free


Tool free

Optimized packaging
Registered design
Tool free
Click and adjust
40x40x20 cm / 80 WallPATCH
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